Shaping the future.

The Vision.

«We make companies sustainability leaders.

Our science based, tech enabled ecosystem helps to systematically unlock the innovation power of employees and leverage it as engine of innovation and growth.»

Oliver Meier, Founder

Our Mission.

Enabling Employees.

To Co-Create the world they want to live in.


Purpose and Profit shaping the next set off leaders in the industry. 

Why has the role of purpose in organisations become a social and political discussion? Because the world is changing, redefining how organisations compete. Advancements in technology entrepreneurial activities and financing have expanded the choices that people have when choosing the brands they want to buy, or the companies they want to work for, and with corporate value tied more closely than ever before to a firm's social, intellectual and human capital. How do successful businesses respond?  By adopting a growth and innovation perspective?

But how do you get there? Research identifies a five action framework for monitoring:

1. Finding adopt strategic environmental, social and governance practices.

2. Create smart ESG goals and accountability structures.

3. Lead cultural transformation with corporate purpose in mind.

4. Designed organization for trust so employees feel they can share information and collaborate.

5. Communicate effectively the outcomes you're achieving to employees, investors and the world.


Problem 1. No systematic

In order to become a leader in sustainability there needs to be top down mandate reinforced trough out all layers of the organization. Financial decision need to be tied to the sustainability strategy.

Problem 2. Complexity demotivates employees

Corporate complexity, hierarchy and slow untransparent decision making hinders sustainability and creates employee demotivation which costs billions annually

Problem 3. Missing

Corporates are struggling to know how many ESG projects are ongoing, how many people are woking them and spending how much budget they are spending while creating the impact.


Increase productivity by re-engage your employees

We help you leverage sustainability as key asset to re-engage you employees on your company purpose and make you an attractive employer for new generations.

End 2 End Platform

Leverage our cloud hosted Platform to create transparency, engage and empower employees, cut approval times by 90% and improve culture to increase innovation.
We ultimately help your company create greener products and services which will earn you more money.

Share your Impact

We not only help you scaling your impact to reach your target twice as fast, 20 % less investment but also provide you with the powerfully overview of all the projects and people behind the story of how you become greener.


Unique in every aspect.

We leverage behavioural sciences and gamification to put the employees in the driver seat, have an active role, and become part of the company’s sustainability movement.  

Transparent, democratic and employee owned budget allocation re-engages them on the company's mission and unlock significant untapped productivity.

Powerful combination:
engagement and technology
  • Behavioral science
  • Gamification
  • User driven
  • Cost effective
  • Blockchain
  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Scalable

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