Shaping the future.

«We help companies tackle sustainability
by engaging their own employees
to make a true meaningful global impact.»
Oliver Meier, CEO

About us.

Fahamu is Swahili and stands for understanding, meaning and being conscious.
We believe that each and everybody on this planet has a purpose and needs to follow it to have
a fulfilled life with great impact.


The Why.

Big corporations currently lack a single cost-effective global solution to drive, visualize,
and get insights from their sustainability efforts. 
Furthermore, current research shows that, on average, only 18% of employees 
are fully engaged in the companies’ sustainability mission.  


Our Sarys solution.

  • Sarys is a powerful scalable Platform for Fortune 500 Companies to manage their sustainability efforts.
  • Sarys creates awareness of the company’s sustainability challenges and Turns this awareness into actions.
  • We enable employees to crowdsource and fund sustainable internal innovation to reduce Carbon footprint.
  • We also offset unavoidable Co2 emission by partnering with accredited NGOs


Unique in every aspect.

We leverage behavioural sciences and gamification to put the employees in the driver seat, have an active role, and become part of the company’s sustainability movement.  

This democratised approach will engage them on the company's mission and unlock significantuntapped productivity.

Powerful combination:
engagement and technology
    • Behavioral science
    • Gamification
    • User driven
    • Cost effective
    • Blockchain
    • Secure
    • Robust
    • Scalable