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Our sustainability ecosystem empowers employees.


Our purpose

The FAHAMU platform unlocks the innovation power of your employees and drives sustainable growth. Together, we create an ecosystem that empowers employees to co-create the world they want to live in. We make companies sustainability leaders.

Are you ready to co-create the future?

Sustainability is a challenge

International organizations are facing three big problems.


Global organizations are under pressure to focus and reach sustainability targets.

To become a sustainability leader, there must be a top-down mandate reinforced throughout all layers of the organization. ESG goals must be engrained in every single business activity.

Link financial decisions to sustainability strategy.


Corporate complexity and a lack of transparency hinders impactful innovation.

Hierarchies and decision-making by small groups behind closed doors slow down purpose-driven innovation. This leads to low buy-in and support from relevant stakeholders.

Involve a wider audience, earlier on in the process.


Lack of alignment with goals leads to disengaged and demotivated employees.

People increasingly look for shared values and meaning in their career. The best talent chooses companies in which their voice will be heard and where they play an active role in the future.

Enable action towards a common greater purpose.


We provide a solution

A platform to reach your organizational ESG goals.


The FAHAMU platform creates transparency around your company’s ESG strategy, gets employees involved in meaningful transformation, and in doing so provides a scalable and systematic approach to sustainable innovation. This dramatically increases employee engagement, whilst driving top-line sales through more appealing, future-ready market offerings.

We go beyond ESG reporting and make it easier than ever to create powerful impact stories to showcase your organization’s sustainability leadership.


Start with the WHY

Our epic dashboard allows your company to visualize ESG goals and share the progress with your employees. They deserve it.

  • Plastic waste

  • Water pollution

  • Electricity consumption

  • Overall CO2 emissions


Empower your employees

People are the driving force of every organization.
Our platform allows them to share ideas and drive sustainable innovation.

  • Simplify governance and funding

  • Kickstart sustainable innovation

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Create a culture of intrapreneurs

  • Democratize decision making


Offset unavoidable footprint

Let employees decide how they want to offset unavoidable CO2 emissions. They can vote for certified, pre-approved partners.

  • Support personal heart projects

  • Create an inclusive work culture

  • Approved and audited partners

  • Credible offsetting technologies


Show case your impact

Data and case studies allow leaders to demonstrate the impact of your sustainable innovation towards stakeholders and society.

  • Enhance reputation

  • Regain trust with society

  • Attract more investments

  • Demonstrate sustainability


Unique in many ways

We leverage behavioural sciences and gamification to put the employees in the driver seat, have an active role, and become part of the company’s sustainability movement.  

Our platform helps you orchestrate the needed change across your organizations geographies and penetrates through all hierarchy levels which is needed to create impact at scale. Our end-to-end platform allows you to replace or integrate many legacy solutions.

Powerful combination:
engagement and technology
  • Behavioral science
  • Gamification approach
  • Scalable technology
  • Secure & robust

Sustainability is a journey

Is your organization ready to become an industry leader?


Getting started


The FAHAMU team is looking for early adopters to start the movement. Get in touch with us to talk about your needs and challenges. Our experts will show you a demo and help you to shape a convincing business case for your management.

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