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Our Services

The FAHAMU team works with international leadership and sustainability teams and understands your needs and challenges. We acknowledge that the path from “business as usual” to becoming an organization that leads with sustainable innovation is long and difficult. Therefore, we have put together a roadmap with clear milestones that will support your transformation. Our team looks forward to guide you in this process.


Where is your organization?

To unlock the innovation power of employees,  your company needs three elements.


1. How clear is your
sustainability vision?

Does your organization have clarity on your environmental footprint and a vision to become a sustainability leader? 

Strategic Clarity


2. Do people know and
believe in your path?

We shift the mindset from 'someone does' to 'we do'! Creating shared sustainability goals that include all employees in the transformation.

Comms & Culture


3. What does your
action plan look like?

We guide the step-by-step process that enables employees to work towards your sustainability strategy. Leveraging your employees creativity as an innovation engine for growth.



1. Strategic Clarity
From uncertainty to clarity.


Materiality Assessment
Baseline Evaluation​

Guidance through a thorough assessment aligned with the GRI methodology to understand your key social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities to best shape a meaningful strategy.


Professional Revision of Materiality & ESG Reporting​

Independent 3rd party review and analysis of materiality and reports to date that provide a gap analysis of emerging topics and key areas for improvement, as well as requirements for CSRD compliance. Results highlight best suited areas to engage employees on improvements.


Strategic Sustainability Workshops for Leaders

Selection of interactive workshops for leadership teams to reflect on key ESG trends and market shifts. Start with top level strategic focus on impact business models, purpose, vision & mission. Consider stakeholder initiatives such as collaborative value chains. Assess culture & employee engagement.


2. Comms & Culture
From disengaged to motivated.


Employee Engagement
Pulse Check Assessment

Structured dialogue with employees to understand current and desired levels of trust in your company's ESG strategy. This includes online surveys, interviews, round-tables, tailored unit or group activities. Our offering starts with a trust building communication exercise surrounding the company's intentions.


Sustainability Champions
Team-building Workshops

Guides a company in the creation and activation of cross-departmental teams who are empowered to drive bottom-up initiatives that serve the wider ESG strategy. Our program supports cultural change and the embedding of a proactive, innovative mindset towards ESG challenges.


Sustainability Narrative
Change Management

Assistance in forming compelling communications for your sustainability strategy to be understood, trusted and celebrated. Storytelling is used to create structured comms that inspire involvement and support from employees and wider stakeholders.


3. Implementation Plan
From goals to actual impact.

Your company has formed a strong strategy with clarity of where change is needed to maximise the positive, and minimise the negative, impact. Now your challenge is to get the wider company involved in real action.

This program offers the ability to pilot the end-to-end FAHAMU methodology in a manual way across a smaller, manageable number of material impact areas. In a phased process we lead you through key components of the FAHAMU ecosystem - Inform – Educate – Act – Report. We help you identify best suited initiatives on which employees should be engaged. We then support in the communication and crowd-sourcing innovation steps. Once the feasibility has been assessed, guidance is given on how to implement and track improvements to finally be able to best report on progress.

3 Step Pilot Program

  • Identify Focus and Roadblocks
  • Business Case with Roadmap
  • Pilot Program with selected Teams

Why work with us?

We turn ambitious targets into a clear actionable plan.


Our Promise

Sustainability is in our DNA. The purpose we live and breathe is to help companies become not only responsible citizens, but leaders in sustainability through engaging employees to act and innovate.

Our approach is built on products and services that meet you where you are and are adaptable to the size of your business. As a team we bring over 25 years of experience in impact, communications, change management, innovation, branding as well as product development.

FAHAMU believes that systemic change only happens when human centric support goes hand in hand with technological innovation. We leverage the latest technology to enhance user experience and drive engagement. We love to help our clients by creating the products and services the world urgently needs.

Reach out to us and tap in to 50+ strong partner network to deliver end to end on your needs.


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