Our founders.

We are a diverse and experienced team.


Oliver Meier
Co-Founder and CEO

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Adrian Sameli
Co-Founder and CTO

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Charlotte Horder
Co-Founder and CSO
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Stefan Bohren
Co-Founder and CFO/COO

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Our values


“We believe in the power of people to create a better world. A world ​that is fully sustainable, embraces circularity, and is more equitable and inclusive for everyone.”​


for the planet

There is no planet B. It is our responsibility to regenerate the earth for future generations. Planetary health is linked to human well-being. We are all in the same boat.


of the people

People are the driving force of our society. We facilitate equality and collaboration for everyone. Now is the time to harness collective power to create a more inclusive world.


a bright future

We shape ecosystems that help form the world we desire. This is a creative and continuous process. Together we create new and better behaviours, every single day. We start today.


Our operating principles

The following principles bring our purpose and values to life. 

When conducting business, we ask ourselves: are we focusing on …



We believe that we are stronger together. We harness the collective wisdom and challenge ourselves and partners to look beyond our own domains.


Our agile mindset and iterative approach keep us pioneering sustainable business practices. We remain humble learners.



We value openness, tell our truth, and facilitate ways for our partners to do the same. Transparency and shared knowledge create trust.



We measure success not only on the financial wealth of a few, but the level of shared prosperity and improvement across all stakeholders.



We are united behind a call to shape a better future. We are motivated by a positive outlook to make a difference, based on science and facts.



We lead with empathy. We aim to eliminate any harm and maximize the positive outcomes toward everyone and everything we can impact.